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Release November 23rd, 2018

Mayfifteenth Games originally self-published and submitted this game in an 18-card wallet game competition.

The Coup is now being re-released as a full pocket game with high-quality cardboard army tokens rather than cardstock half inch tokens, and some new variant rules (including special abilities for elite units, and damaged battlefields) to take advantage of the larger cards. The new edition also includes cleaned up graphics, and much nicer packaging.

The game surrounds an attempt by the popularly supported rebels have seized control in the rural regions, and are threatening to move Into the cities... and then onto the palace.

The Coup is played using A Rock - Paper - Scissors mechanic determining whose tactics win the battle. The loser loses a unit, and you compare remaining strength. If your strength is higher, you won the battlefield and push your opponent back towards their capital. Units strength determines who holds the battlefield, your cunning and bluffing determine who wins the battles.

Players have a limited number of soldiers, and the stakes get higher the closer you push to your opponents capital.