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Defcon Dice - Mutually Assured Destruction

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Defcon Dice: Mutually Assured Destruction is the follow-up game to Defcon Dice.

Created to add a third- and fourth-player to Defcon Dice, it was popularly requested by fans of the first game wanting to play with a group larger than just two.

Mutually Assured Destruction is identical in card and component count to the base game, and as such can act as a stand-alone game.

Playing with all four nations allows one of two new game modes; tournament or battle royale.

In tournament play, players eliminate the lowest player after each third round, “who takes their dice and leaves”. This requires more time and means the final two players will end up playing a total of nine rounds.

Battle Royale setup includes removing six of the total twenty-four dice, and after each round, the player with the most unclaimed cards is eliminated along with three dice.

Set in the cold war, players take the role of either the United States or the Soviets. The theme only has light influence, mostly providing flavor.