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Baby Shower: The Card Game

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Baby Shower is a fun, fast-paced, card matching game with a bit of luck to see who’s ready for the baby, and who’s not. Developed by a local school teacher, Baby Shower is a family-friendly game based around prepping for a baby.

Players compete to be the first to collect a three-of-a-kind suit of gifts and claim one of the high point completion tokens. Once one player has claimed their second, the game is over and players look to see how many points they’ve accumulated.

Baby Shower has a fun “interrupt” mechanic that will see players grabbing their dice as quickly as possible to try and roll a matching number to the current interrupt. The first player to do so receives the interrupt in points and moves that much closer to victory.

Baby Shower’s gameplay is very accessible to both regular gamers and casual gamers, making this a perfect gift or activity for baby showers.

There are two versions of Baby Shower available, a Baby Boy edition and a Baby Girl edition. The pieces and mechanics are identical.